Suzuki Ignis 2016

2016.11.06 19:03

As it became known, recently hosted a presentation of the Suzuki Ignis 2016-2017 model year. It should be noted that this model can boast quite a rich history, as the first modification of the car was presented even back in 2003. Of course, since then the car’s interior and exterior has changed quite a bit but despite this, the current Suzuki Ignis in something similar to their predecessors as in shown on photos.

So let's take a closer look at a new car in this review, to understand how he can please the future owners.

Suzuki Ignis 2016 Exterior

First of all, I must say that the design of the updated car is quite extraordinary. Immediately struck by the huge ground clearance, which turns the car into a real crossover, although Japanese engineers have positioned the car as a good hatchback.

However, even drivers with experience, for sure, will not be able to answer the question, to what class of cars to take the new Suzuki Ignis. This is because some external features of this model is inherited from the SUV.

To at least make life a little easier for experts and ordinary motorists, the Japanese experts came up with a new class of machines called «New Multi Compact».

In General, the appearance of a new car will surely appeal to fans of minimalist design since the machine can not boast a large number of individual elements. Of course, special attention here deserve relief bumpers and stylish wheels that make the car look even more refined.

The dimensions of the new Suzuki Ignis

If we talk about the dimensions of the Suzuki Ignis, it should be noted that to date manufacturers have not provided exact figures. However, it can be assumed that the size of the new car will not be much different from those that were characteristic of previous models. Considering all the above, it is hoped that the dimensions of the Suzuki Ignis 2016 will be as follows:

  • Length of the car will be 3.7 m;
  • Width of the new model is 1.7;
  • Suzuki Ignis height – 1.6 m;
  • In addition, a few words must be said about the wheelbase, which will not exceed 2.4 m.

As for clearance of the chassis, it is 18 cm, this has led the experts to compare a new car with different SUVs.

The interior and functionality of the new model

Probably no one is surprised by the fact that the interior of the Suzuki Ignis in the style of minimalism, which has become the hallmark of all Japanese cars. 

However, optional features, which can boast a new car, fully compensate for a simple design. In particular, the front console flaunts a multifunctional steering wheel that is complemented by a convenient dashboard and multimedia system. Besides, despite the fact that the trim of the seats leaves something to be desired, with bright leather inserts make the car interior more presentable.

Technical specs of the new Suzuki Ignis 2016-2017

With regard to the technical capabilities of the new car, the Japanese producers do not wish to give any official comments on this matter. Presumably, under the hood the new car will be installed petrol powertrains. If we talk about the basic configuration, the potential owners of the Suzuki Ignis can count on the 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 90 HP and rather weak torque.

Fans of fast drive, were also not left without attention of Japanese engineers, because they were created by another modification of a car with a turbo engine under the hood. This power unit proved itself during a joint operation with manual transmission.

Price of Suzuki Ignis

Japanese manufacturers have assured that the updated Suzuki Ignis 2016 will be available early next year. By the way, the Russian motorists, as always, will need to wait a bit longer, but they are already used to such situations. The price of the car at the moment remains a mystery, but experts have little doubt that the price tag will be issued at the average level, so the new Suzuki Ignis will be in demand in the European markets.

Suzuki Ignis 2016 photo gallery 

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